Recycling Systems

Machine Tool Coolant Coalescers & Recycling Systems

Machine Tool Coolant Coalescers & Recycling Systems

During the machining process, contaminants and bacteria can foul the coolant causing it to "break down". Recycling coolant will decrease coolant disposal and replacement costs while extending coolant life and improving the wash quality.

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Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling

Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling

Water and particulate contamination are the main causes of dielectric oil breakdown and transformer failure. Water acts as an “acid-enabling” mechanism that reduces TAN (total acid number) while particulate contaminates decrease IFT (interfacial tension) and power factor.

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Cutting & Stamping Oil Recycling Systems

Cutting and stamping oils are used as lubricants between the metal and the machining process. They are also used as cooling agents.

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Batch Oil Recycling Systems

Water and/or particulate contamination can cause serious problems with industrial oil. Water contamination can produce an emulsion, speeding up corrosion and...

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We offer the highest level of quality control in compliance with National and International regulations and standards.

Since 1991, JDI, Inc. has been selling and integrating a wide range of filtration products that help clean and recycle both petroleum and water based industrial fluids.


We provide innovative cleaner oil solutions for the oil related industries. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness through our featured products.

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Below are some of our top customers that we have worked with over the past 25 years.

  • General Electric
  • Aloca
  • Koch Nitrogen
  • US Navy
  • Goodrich
  • Eaton

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