Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling

Photo of an Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling Unit.

Water and particulate contamination are the main causes of dielectric oil breakdown and transformer failure. Water acts as an “acid-enabling” mechanism that reduces TAN (total acid number) while particulate contaminates decrease IFT (interfacial tension) and power factor.

As the amount of contamination grows in the insulating oil, the ability of the dielectric oil to maintain the minimum 30Kv performance is degraded, and system failures and service outages will occur.

We have both the knowledge to help you - and a range of filtration systems designed specifically for transformer oil. These systems range from single filter element portable systems to large, in-plant multi-stage, PLC controlled systems with 1 micron particulate filtration, Fullers Earth stage and post filtration.

Free-Standing Filter Systems Flowrate GPM Pump HP Housings
Model 100 Portable Filtration System3.5, 53/4(1) C-1000
Model 501 Free Standing Filter System151.5(1) C-1200 with hoist


  • Cleans Oil Fast & Continuously
  • Sub-micron particulate removal
  • Water removal to 5 gallons
  • Positive Displacement or Gear Pump
  • Transformer Enclosure
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • 1.5 HP 3 Ph 460 V 1725 RPM Motor
  • Motor Starter w/thermal Overload Protection
  • High Low Pressure Switch for Unattended Operation
  • 0-100 Pressure Gauge to Monitor Element Loading
  • Inlet Wye Strainer
  • Heavy-duty PC or CP Frame

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