Cutting & Stamping Oil Recycling Systems

Photo of a Cutting and Stamping Oil Recycling Dual Unit.

Cutting and stamping oils are used as lubricants between the metal and the machining process. They are also used as cooling agents. This lubrication and cooling helps to ensure the quality of the finished machined part. These oils will also catch any small metal chips and flush them away from the parts and cutting zone.

Water and/or chip contamination in the cutting oil can cause serious problems. Water contamination in the cutting oil can produce an emulsion that degrades the effectiveness of the oil and causes pre-mature metal corrosion.

Excess chips in the cutting oils can cause increased process friction and elevated cutting temperatures which can lead to unacceptable processed parts.

With multi-pass filtration, our filter systems can remove water and/or chips from cutting oil and thus extend the life of the cutting oil. Clean cutting oil will improve the finish quality on all of your machined parts.

Photo of a Cutting and Stamping Oil Recycling Dual Unit.

We have a range of filter systems depending on your application. Our portable oil filter carts can move easily from job to job while our dedicated filter system can filter oil for one machine. All systems use multi-pass filtration to remove chips and water from the oil.

Oil Filter Systems Depth Filter Housings Gear Pump, gpm Bag Filter Housings
Portable Filter Carts
Model 100(1) C-10003.5 & 5No
Model 110(1) C-10003.5 & 5CB-400
Model 120(2) C-10005, 8 & 11No
Model 122(2) C-10028 & 11No
Model 130(2) C-10005, 8 & 11CB-400
Dedicated Filter Systems
Model 165(1) C-10003.5 & 5No
Model 265(2) C-10005, 8 & 11No
Model 4000*(3) C-10008No
All portable models come standard with high/low pressure switches, inlet wye strainers, pressure relief valves and 10” oil resistant wheels. Heaters can be added if your oil is very viscous. *Model 4000 is a batch system with a 250 gallon tank capacity.

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