Batch Oil Recycling Systems

Photo of a Batch Oil Recycling System Unit.

Water and/or particulate contamination can cause serious problems with industrial oil. Water contamination can produce an emulsion, speeding up corrosion and causing metal deterioration. Particulate contamination can accelerate wear on vital parts, including pumps, bearings, gears, and valves.

To restore contaminated oil and minimize disposal costs, we designed our batch oil recycling systems to filter and recycle virtually any type of industrial oil. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to your particular application.

Oil Recycling Systems Housings Capacity, gals Pump, gpm
Model 2000(1) C-10001003
Model 4000(3) C-10002508
Model 12,000(4) C-10006008-10
Model 20,000(6) C-1002100012

Standard Features

  • Powder-coated Tank W/Conical Bottom
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pumps
  • Plumbed W/Flow Control Loop
  • Heavy-Duty Powder-coated Filter Housings
  • Element Lifter, Hoist & Socket Assembly
  • Internal Pressure Relief Valve
  • 460 V 3 ph 1725 RPM Motor
  • Motor Starter w/thermal Overload Protection
  • High Low Pressure Switch for Unattended Operation
  • 0-100 Pressure Gauge to Monitor Element Loading
  • Free Standing PC Frame with Drip Pan


  • Semi Automatic Features (Fill, Automatic Heat, Aeration, Settling Filtration, Manual Empty)
  • Air Strip
  • Heater

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