Plastic Injection Molding Case Study

ISSUE: Severe particulate and water was contaminating gallons of hydraulic oil at a plastic injection molding company. The contamination was causing multiple problems including sticky valves, seal leakage, and component failures. These issues also increased their downtime and contributed to increased labor and disposal costs. Their system held about 1400 gallons of oil so it would have cost them over $11,000 to change the oil at the time.

SOLUTION: The client specified their desired performance criteria so we recommend that they start filtering their oil through our Como Model 120/5 Portable Oil Filtration Cart to remove the contamination. After a short period of continuous filtration, oil analysis reports show that the performance criteria had been exceeded. With the Model 120/5, they can consistently achieve an ISO 15/14/11 Cleanliness Code and their oil is dry.

Filtration with the Model 120/5 and our 6534 depth filters extended the hydraulic oil life to 3 times its normal life so it actually paid for itself within three months! They were so pleased with the results and ease of use, they bought a second Model 120 for other applications in the plant.

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