Injection Molding Filtration

Photo of an Injection Molding Filtration Unit.

In the injection molding process, hydraulic fluid is used to transmit power, cool, seal and lubricate.

In normal operations, contaminates such as metal, sand, pipe sealant, flushing solution and moisture build up in the hydraulic fluid and pass through the molding process, causing multiple problems. These problems can include sticky valves, blocked ports and leaky seals – all of which will cause components to fail – resulting in costly downtime and productivity loss.

Our multi-pass filtration systems can alleviate these problems by removing the particulates and moisture from the oil. Both the life and quality of the oil will be greatly increased.

We have a range of filtration system to filter the oil including a treat including a safety valve filter housing that can be attached to the injection molding machine, a portable filtration system that can be moved between reservoirs, or a stationary system at each reservoir.

Injection Molding Systems Flowrate GPM Pressure Housings
Safety Valve Housings0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.53000-5000C-150-V
Model 120 Portable Filtration Systems5, 8, or 110-100(2) C-1000
Model 501 Stationary Filtration System300-100(1) C-1200 with hoist Bag Filter
  • Cleans Oil Fast & Continuously
  • Sub-micron particulate removal
  • Water removal to 5 gallons
  • Any voltage and frequency
  • Strobe light to signal element change
  • Hi/Lo Pressure Switch
  • Push button motor starter
Features of an Injection Molding Filtration Unit.

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