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  • Our filtration and recycling solutions have helped our customers decrease the costs of oil replacement, maintenance, and disposal. At the same time, they are increasing the quality of their working oil.

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration Systems

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration Systems

Most heavy machinery uses some type of hydraulic or lube oil for lubrication. Water and or particulate contamination in the oil can cause serious problems with this machinery.

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Quench Oil Filtration Systems

Quench Oil Filtration Systems

Why filter your quench oils? As metal is quenched in an oil bath, fines form in the quench oil from the cooling process. Particles including carbon particles and tiny bits of flash are added to the quench oil over time.

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Machine Tool Coolant Coalescers & Recycling Systems

Machine Tool Coolant Coalescers & Recycling Systems

During the machining process, contaminants and bacteria can foul the coolant causing it to "break down". Recycling coolant will decrease coolant disposal and replacement costs while extending coolant life and improving the wash quality.

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Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling

Transformer Insulating Oil Recycling

Water and particulate contamination are the main causes of dielectric oil breakdown and transformer failure. Water acts as an “acid-enabling” mechanism that reduces TAN (total acid number) while particulate contaminates decrease IFT (interfacial tension) and power factor.

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Injection Molding Filtration

Injection Molding Filtration

In the injection molding process, hydraulic fluid is used to transmit power, cool, seal and lubricate.

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Cutting & Stamping Oil Recycling Systems

Cutting and stamping oils are used as lubricants between the metal and the machining process. They are also used as cooling agents.

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We offer the highest level of quality control in compliance with National and International regulations and standards.

Since 1991, JDI, Inc. has been selling and integrating a wide range of filtration products that help clean and recycle both petroleum and water based industrial fluids.


About Us

Since 1991, CleanOilSolutions.com has been selling and integrating a wide range of filtration products that help clean and recycle both petroleum and water based industrial fluids.

Our filtration and recycling solutions have helped our customers decrease the overall costs in:

  • Oil Replacement
  • Employment
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal

Frequently Ask questions

The answer to this question is: it depends, on a bunch of stuff!

Is the oil new? Has the new oil been pre-filtered? New oil is dirty oil, and if you have a high purity application, all new oil should be filtered prior to being added to the system.

If the oil in the system is dirty, the life of the elements will depend on how contaminated the oil is to start off with and how clean you need the oil to be. If a filtration system is installed when the oil is full of contaminants, you may have to change the filters more frequently at the beginning of the process. Once the filtration system removes the majority of the contaminants and your oil becomes cleaner, the length of time between filter changes will increase.

It depends on the process, the type of contamination as well as the level of contaminants and the desired quality of the oil. With filtration, our goal is to filter the oil for as long as possible to extend the life while reduce oil disposal costs. In some applications, the oil’s life can be extended to years. It depends not only on the contamination levels, but also on the additive packages.

For those applications that rely on precision and high reliability, we recommend our clients institute a systematic fluid management system including testing their fluid on a regular basis so that they maximize fluid life, equipment reliability, and operating efficiency.

Our engineers will help you determine the best filter for your application, based on the type and viscosity of the fluid you are filtering and the desired cleanliness. Our filters come in various medias and flow depths so for virtually any type of fluid, you can achieve your desired cleanliness level. The more dense the media and the deeper the flow path, the higher the efficiency rating will be.

We provide innovative cleaner oil solutions for the oil related industries. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness through our featured products.

our clients

Below are some of our top customers that we have worked with over the past 25 years.

  • General Electric
  • Aloca
  • Koch Nitrogen
  • US Navy
  • Goodrich
  • Eaton

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