Cutting Oil Case Study

ISSUE: A screw machine shop constantly found their cutting oil heavily contaminated with aluminum metal fines. Every 4-6 weeks, they were buying 5-8 new drums of oil AND paying to have the contaminated oil hauled off.

SOLUTION: They purchased a Model 130 Portable Filtration cart and began filtering their oil. The Model 130 has a single bag filter housing and two depth filter housings. The bag filter on the Model 130 first removes all of the metal fines and then the dual depth filters remove the impurities and contamination from the oil.

Since the Model 130 is portable, they easily move it through out the plant and recycle more oil - about twenty drums (over 1,100 gallons) of oil each month – using just one case of filters (less $400) each month. They conservatively estimate they are saving thousands of dollars per month in new oil purchases and hauling off costs!

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