Model 165 Vacuum Pump Case Study

Photo of an Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration System.

A manufacturing facility in Indiana that produces brake discs contacted us to help them filter and recycle the oil in their vacuum pumps.

Problem: The vacuum oil used in their pumps was getting contaminated with carbon fines and moisture. The vacuum pumps were prematurely failing because of the heavy contamination and costing thousands of dollars due to the production down time and replacement of the vacuum pumps.

Solution: They began filtering their oil using a using a Model 165 Hydraulic Lub Oil Filtration System. The Model 165 has a single depth filter housing and is designed for individual oil reservoir applications. It continuously filters the oil and removes all of the moisture and much of the carbon fine contamination.

By using one filter in the Model 165 each month, they have significantly reduced their pump failure rate due to the cleaner oil in the sumps.

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