Model 100 Vacuum Pump Case Study

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration System - Model 100

Issue: A manufacturing facility in the Midwest contacted us to help them develop ways to filter and remove water from the oil in their vacuum pumps. The failure rate of their Stokes and Kinney vacuum pumps was significant and costly due to water contamination. A vacuum pump costs thousands of dollars to replace (not including production downtime), so their maintenance managers knew they had to find a way to filter the oil.

Solution: They began filtering their oil using a using a Model 100 Filtration System. The Model 100 is a portable filtration cart with a single depth filter housing which can be moved from sump to sump. It continuously filters the oil and removes all of the water, metal fines, impurities, and contamination.

Como depth filters will remove and retain up to 1 gallon of water and pounds of contaminants from oils. Using one set of filters (less than $400) in the Model 100 each month, they have significantly reduced their pump failure rate and have reduced production down times in all of their furnaces.

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