Emergency Response Hydraulic Oil Case Study

ISSUE: A major aerospace manufacturer had heat exchanger cooling water leak into 3,000 gallons of calibrated hydraulic fluid which rendered it unusable. To replace the fluid, it would have taken thousands of dollars and weeks of time to drain the system, haul off the contaminated fluid and re-start the system. This amount of downtime was unacceptable to their production schedule.

SOLUTION: In response to their emergency call, we shipped out a Model 120 Portable Filtration System to them the next day! The Model 120 with 6534 filters was able to remove water from the fluid so well that they had the fluid back in calibration within one week of the initial phone call.

Filtering with the Model 120 allowed production to proceed until the heat exchanger could be scheduled for maintenance. Although they initially were just renting the system, the manufacturer decided to purchase it to continually filter the oil so that it remained with specifications for both water and contaminants.

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