Gear Box Oil Flushing System Case Study

Photo of a Gear Box Oil Flushing System Case Study

Issue: A client manufacturing gearboxes needed to have a supply of clean oil to test the gearboxes before shipping. They were disposing of the test oil after only a short time.

They contacted us to design a customized oil flushing system is to remove particulate and water contamination from oils to extend their useful service life. The recycling of oil both reduces operating costs and protects the environment by minimizing needless disposal of industrial liquids.

Solution: To effectively recycle the oil, we designed an Oil Flushing System that uses a split tank with clean and dirty sides and depth filtration.

A suction pump pulls dirty oil from the engine or gearbox into the dirty side of the split tank. A filtration pump pulls oil from the dirty side, filters the oil, and returns it to the clean side. Eventually, the clean side overflows back to the dirty side to allow for multi-pass filtration. This way, there is a continuous supply of clean, filtered fluid that can be re-used for tests. A supply pump pulls oil from the clean side and delivers it to the next product that requires testing.

Over the years, we have built multiple flushing systems designed to our customer’s specifications. Depending on the application, the systems can be equipped with a number of different options including particle counters, rate meters and totalizers.

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